Resource classes

Music on Tues, @ 8:15

Mandarin on Tues. @ 8:45

PE on Thurs. @ 12:15

Library on Thurs. @ 1:00

Art on Thurs. @ 1:45

Computer on Tues, @ 1;15 and

and Friday @ 12:15


This is your website which you could check your work for each day. You have some future announcement and you could practice your math on Ractives.

Have a successful school year!

Ractives is the math online that the students practice what they have learned in class.

Achieve is to practice reading information text with questions to answer at the end.

Do Achieve twice a week on your own on Monday,Wednesday,Thursday

Remember to sign

1 Parent Teacher conference form

2. Internet form

3. Vision screening on 10/21/14

4. Fund raising tickets-bread, cake, cookies pick up on 9/20 9-12

5. Keiki Karnival on 10/17/14

6 Field trip to Waikiki Aquarium on 10/31/14

7.Parent teacher conference starts on 10/27/14